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Nov 5, 2017

Danny begins a series on Calvinism, first tackling the doctrine of election.

Roger Smith
a year and a half ago

Excellent podcast! Like you and all Christians who seek the truth through God’s word, I’m still learning. I find it interesting if not fascinating to compare what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me and other’s interpretations. Thank you Pastor. Now, on to part 2!

David Kidd
a year and a half ago

Great podcast. I look forward to the next one detailing more of your thoughts and beliefs on these doctrines. I don't suppose you meet with a group to specifically discuss these concepts, but if you do might I attend? It sounds like I am close to your position but I meet with a couple of friends regularly that subscribe to the open future concept which may be a possibility but I am still in the orthodox omniscient camp. What I do like about these competing ideas is that it makes me really examine my beliefs to see if they need adjustment. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

Judi Booher
a year and a half ago

Love the podcasts Pastor Danny, they are great...thank you SO much for them!!!