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Apr 29, 2023

Pastor Danny welcomes to the show Frank Harber, CEO and Chief Legal Counsel of Defending the Faith Alliance, to discuss the unique and troubling legal challenges facing Christians and churches in America today.

Apr 22, 2023

The Persecuted Church abroad faces assault, imprisonment, and even martyrdom. Could this level of persecution come to the USA? Join Pastor Danny for a hard look at the current state of America's culture and the Church within it.

Apr 15, 2023

Would you lay your life down to save another? The Bible calls this the greatest act of love... and of course, no one ever exemplified this better than Jesus, when He endured torture, mockery, and a slow, painful death on the cross to pay for our sins and make a way for us to be reconciled with God. In this...

Apr 8, 2023

Do you need a breakthrough? Are you facing some formidable challenges or obstacles that are keeping you from moving forward? In today's episode, Pastor Danny shares about how you can be prepared and equipped for victory and keep a good attitude even in the midst of extreme difficulty.

Apr 1, 2023

Pastor Danny shares a special episode on the horrible tragedies in our world, how we process and respond to them, and how we spread Christ's love and the Gospel in their midst.