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Mar 17, 2018

Danny discusses the importance of intentionally seeking out at least ONE person each day with whom to share the Gospel and Christ's love.

Chris W.
over six years ago

A great episode and a great sermon series! It's a privilege to hear you preach every Sunday, Pastor Danny!

Joyful Joy
over six years ago

Pastor Danny,
To me, there is a huge difference between being open to witnessing to one person every day that God places in a believer's path vs earnestly & aggressively seeking someone in need of a witness that salvation only is by believing in, & coming to faith in Jesus Christ. It is my personal opinion that some of those in full time Christian ministry burden sincere & committed Christians into a level of witnessing that continually generates an enormous amount of undue guilt. I believe that each person was created first to glorify, worship, & praise God, & then faithfully to witness to
any unsaved person
God places in a believer's path. Yes!! I definitely am committed to witnessing to the lost!! I am a member of Great Hills. Blessings, Joy