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Nov 5, 2017

Danny begins a series on Calvinism, first tackling the doctrine of election.

Roger Smith
six and a half years ago

Excellent podcast! Like you and all Christians who seek the truth through God’s word, I’m still learning. I find it interesting if not fascinating to compare what the Holy Spirit has revealed to me and other’s interpretations. Thank you Pastor. Now, on to part 2!

David Kidd
six and a half years ago

Great podcast. I look forward to the next one detailing more of your thoughts and beliefs on these doctrines. I don't suppose you meet with a group to specifically discuss these concepts, but if you do might I attend? It sounds like I am close to your position but I meet with a couple of friends regularly that subscribe to the open future concept which may be a possibility but I am still in the orthodox omniscient camp. What I do like about these competing ideas is that it makes me really examine my beliefs to see if they need adjustment. Keep up the good work. God Bless.

Judi Booher
six and a half years ago

Love the podcasts Pastor Danny, they are great...thank you SO much for them!!!